Sophie Davies is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Sydney, Australia.

We work on full scale interior architecture projects, specialising in high end residences and boutique commercial spaces. In addition to our project work, we have a growing product line of furniture, lighting, and objects.

We believe your surroundings have a large impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. We believe every room should be aesthetically pleasing, enduring and practical. We believe a home should reflect its inhabitants and the ideas that inspire them.

We aim to design spaces that uplift and inspire. We strive to ensure every detail has been thoroughly considered and where possible, resolved, prior to construction.

Throughout the design process, our approach remains personal, intuitive, and considered. We collaborate with our client and a select group of skilled craftsmen, builders, and artisans to achieve unique results. We scrutinise every design detail and work hard to achieve the perfect balance between a functional and beautiful space.

Recognised as a rising influence in the Australian design industry.

Our goal is to learn, educate, enrich and exceed expectations.